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Cooker Tableware Kitchen knife
Cooker Tableware Cutlery\Flatware Kitchen knife Cookware BBQ
Medical health
Mask Thermometer Epidemic preventio
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Skin care Depilation


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The air fryer
WIFI Air Fryer
The air fryer
The air fryer
The air fryer

The advantages of our company

Advantages of choosing our group.

Our Vision、Our Mission、Our Values

Our Vision、Our Mission、Our Values

Our Vision:Quality products of QANA, enjoy tremendous popularity in the world.
Our Mission: Have every family around the world to happily enjoy the safety of 
                     ecological chain quality products;
Our Values:Achieve customers, Happy employees, Lead the industry, Benefit shareholders!

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management idea

management idea

Quality Agreement Never Abandoned 
Customers' Delivery On Time Is Our Mission
Products Innovation Is Our Life

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Service idea

Service idea

Independent research and development of unprecedented
"touching the hearts of consumers" products, that is, 
through unique product research and development,
 to create a new way of life for customers.

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